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The temple was built in the peiod between 1927-1929. It was sanctified on 12.10.1930.
The mural paintings in the temple present the craftsmanship of Nikolai Rostovtsev and Alexander Sokorin. They were painted in the period 1954-1955. The mural paintings as well as the decorative motifs are in neo-Byzantine style conform to the architectural peculiarities.
The prelatic throne presents the craftsmanship of the wood-carver Ivan Kassev one of the last representatives of the art school in Triavna, famous with the fact that the creators comprehened the figure painting in new way, they model the shape with light shadows and transitions, they introduce softened light and enrich the coloring.
The foreign influences refract through interpretation that gives the characteristic appearance of the Triavna icons. The creators from the Triavna art school paint with extremely real tempera resulting in fresh, deep tones.The landscape appears in the second plan. Numerous daily motifs ploughmen, shepherds, gardeners, are introduced in the hagiographic scenes. The mature period of the shcool starts from the begining of 19c. till the 60-s of 19c.
The church is constructed in the style of the neo-Byzantine tradition, but it is not difficult to perceive the strive to create a new, contemporary synthesis of arts that is strongly connected to the tradition of the Bulgarian Revival.